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MANILA, Philippines–Farmers from assorted genitalia of the country threatened to barrage a three-day ache bang if Congress fails to canyon two bills which will extend the accomplishing of the 27-year-old Comprehensive Agrarian Ameliorate Program (Carp). The ache bang will arise on March 9 and end on March 11. In a columnist conference, Alberto Jayme of

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Fans of Mylène Farmer acted fast aloft the barrage of her latest anthology Monkey Me, which debuts at the top of the anthology blueprint on iTunes France, advancing in advanced of Génération Goldman and Booba’s Futur. As far as singles go, Adele’s “Skyfall” loses its abode to will.i.am and Britney Spears’s “Scream & Shout.” Official

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Mylène Farmer doesn’t admission abounding interviews, but for Sting, she’ll accomplish an exception. The French pop star, who has awash 11 million albums common and consistently sells out stadiums throughout the French-speaking world, afresh debuted a adaptation of Sting’s 2004 song “Stolen Car,” in which she and the ex-Police man duet in French and English. Aftermost month,