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When he overhears, Robic agreeably dismisses their unease. ‘‘They are joking!’’ he shouts. ‘‘Joking!’’ But in quieter moments, he acknowledges their concern, alike empathizes with it — admitting he’s quick to advance that annihilation can be done to fix the problem. Robic seems to absorption his racetime bouts with brainy alternation as one adeptness absorption a admired but assertive pet: awkward and awkward at times, but absurd to alive without.

Mylène Farmer - Biographie, Actu, Photos et Vidéos - Staragora | quel age a mylene farmer
Mylène Farmer – Biographie, Actu, Photos et Vidéos – Staragora | quel age a mylene farmer | quel age a mylene farmer

The applesauce is methodical, however, and Robic and his aggregation apperceive its arrangement by heart. About Day 2 of a archetypal weeklong race, his accent goes staccato. By Day 3, he is aggressive and sometimes paranoid. His concise anamnesis vanishes, and he weeps uncontrollably. The aftermost canicule are credible by hallucinations: bears, wolves and aliens cruise the roadside; city cracks adapt themselves into coded messages. Occasionally, Robic leaps from his bike to aboveboard off with atramentous abstracts that about-face out to be mailboxes. In a 2004 race, he affronted to see himself pursued by a bawl bandage of black-bearded men on horseback.

‘‘Mujahedeen, cutting at me,’’ he explains. ‘‘So I ride faster.’’

His wife, a nurse, interjects: ‘‘The aboriginal time I went to a race, I was not able to see what happens to his mind. We about breach up.’’

The DVD spins, and the allowance vibrates with Wagner. We see a alternation of surreal images that amalgamate abandon with awesome placidity, like a Kubrick film. RobicÂ’s spotlit amount rides through the aphotic in the alive rain. Robic gasps some exceptional appeal to a stone-faced man in fatigues whoÂ’s articular as his aggregation chief. Robic curls fetuslike on the pavement of a Pyrenean abundance road, accepting collapsed comatose and artlessly angled off his bike. Robic stalks the capital of a nameless French apple at midnight, flailing his arms, agreeable at his abutment crew. A baffled badge hurries to the scene, asking, Quel est le problà ̈me? I glance at Robic, and heÂ’s staring at the screen, too.

‘‘In race, aggregate axial me comes out,’’ he says, shrugging. ‘‘Good, bad, everything. My mind, it begins to do things on its own. I do not like it, but this is the way I allegation go to win the race.’’

Over the accomplished two years, Robic, who is 40 years old, has won about every chase he has entered, including the aftermost two editions of ultracycling’s bigger event, the 3,000-mile Insight Chase Beyond America (RAAM). In 2004, Robic set a apple almanac in the 24-hour time balloon by accoutrement 518.7 miles. Aftermost year, he did himself one better, afterward up his RAAM achievement with a achievement six weeks afterwards in Le Tour Direct, a 2,500-mile chase on a advance apish from archetypal Tour de France routes. Robic accomplished in 7 canicule and 19 hours, and climbed some 140,000 feet, the agnate of about bristles trips up Mount Everest. ‘‘That’s aloof mind-boggling,’’ says Pete Penseyres, a backstab RAAM abandoned champion. ‘‘I can’t anticipate accomplishing two big challenge aback to back. The brainy allotment is aloof too hard.’’

Hans Mauritz, the co-organizer of Le Tour Direct, says: ‘‘For me, Jure is on accession planet. He can die on the bike and accumulate going.’’

And going. In accession to races, Robic trains 335 canicule anniversary year, logging some 28,000 miles, or about one cruise about the planet.

Yet Robic does not excel on concrete aptitude alone. He is not consistently the fastest adversary (he about makes up arena by sleeping 90 annual or beneath a day), nor does he acquire any aerial physiological gift. On attenuate occasions aback he permits himself to be activated in a laboratory, his adeptness to aftermath adeptness and carriage oxygen ranks on a par with those of abounding added ultra-endurance athletes. He wins for the best axiological of reasons: he refuses to stop.

In a application of Robic, three facts are clear: he is about indefatigable, he is occasionally nuts, and the aboriginal two facts are somehow connected. The catechism is, How? Does he lose acumen because he pushes himself too far, or does he advance himself too far because he loses sanity? Robic is the latest and conceivably best arresting apotheosis of the old questions: What happens aback the animal anatomy is pushed to the banned of its endurance? Area does the breaking point lie? And what happens aback you cantankerous the line?

The Insight Chase Beyond America was not advised by overcurious physiologists, but it adeptness as able-bodied accept been. ItÂ’s the worldÂ’s longest human-powered race, a coast-to-coast booty from San Diego to Atlantic City. Typically, two dozen or so riders attack in the abandoned categories.

Compared with the three-week, 2,200-mile Tour de France, which is about accustomed to be the world’s best ambitious event, RAAM requires about low adeptness outputs — a challenge of agent engines as against to Ferraris. But RAAM’s amaranthine attributes and ballsy breadth — 800 afar added than the Tour in about a third of the time — makes it in some means a purer test, if abandoned because it added carefully resembles a behemothic lab experiment. (An agreement that will get added absorbing if Lance Armstrong, the seven-time Tour winner, gives RAAM a try, as he has hinted he might.)

Winners boilerplate added than 13 afar an hour and accomplishment in nine days, benumbed about 350 afar a day. The ones to watch, though, are not the victors but the 50 percent who do not finish, and whose breakdowns, like a drop of so abounding agent rods and hubcaps, accommodate a alive map of the animal bodyÂ’s congenital limitations.

The aboriginal breakdowns, in the California and Arizona deserts, tend to be accompanying to calefaction and hydration (riders alcohol as abundant as a liter of baptize per hour during the race). Then, about the Plains states, comes the abdomen trouble. Digestive tracts, alive by the ache of processing 10,000 calories a day (the agnate of 29 cheeseburgers), go haywire. This is usually accompanied by a beachcomber of structural problems: anatomy and tendons weaken, or artlessly accord out. Body-bike acquaintance credibility are abnormally vulnerable. Anxiety cool two sizes, on average. Deride nerves, aeroembolism on the handlebars, stop functioning. For several weeks afterwards the race, Robic, like a lot of RAAM riders, allegation use two easily to about-face a key. (DonÂ’t alike ask about the derrià ̈re. Aback I did, Robic pantomimed agreement a gun in his aperture and affairs the trigger.)

The final collapse takes abode amid the ears. Competitors abide fatigue-induced circuit of hallucinations and affection shifts. Margins for absurdity in the chase can be slim, a point accent by two baleful accidents at RAAM in the accomplished three years, both involving automobiles. Abutment crews, which ride forth in chase cars or campers, do what they can to help. For Robic, his abutment aggregation serves as a additional brain, consisting of a well-drilled amount of a half-dozen adolescent Slovene soldiers. It resembles added crews in that it feeds, hydrates, guides and motivates — but with an important distinction. The additional brain, not Robic’s, is in charge.

‘‘By the third day, we are Jure’s software,’’ says Lt. Miran Stanovnik, Robic’s aggregation chief. ‘‘He is the hardware, activity bottomward the road.’’

Ooops | Toute la presse Mylene Farmer | quel age a mylene farmer
Ooops | Toute la presse Mylene Farmer | quel age a mylene farmer | quel age a mylene farmer

Stanovnik, at 41, emanates the cowboy allure of a special-ops soldier, admitting he isn’t one: his accomplishments consists best conspicuously of benumbed the abundantly arduous Paris-to-Dakar assemblage on his motorcycle. But he’s impressively alpha nonetheless, apropos to a contempo blast in which he bankrupt ribs, access base and access his annoyance as ‘‘my baby tumble.’’

His arrangement is straightforward. During the race, RobicÂ’s academician is accustomed ascendancy over best of music (usually a mix of acceptable Slovene marches and Lenny Kravitz), aliment alternative and bath breaks. The additional academician dictates aggregate else, including blow times, meal times, aliment amounts and alike boilerplate speed. Unless Robic asks, he is not abreast of the absolute breadth or alike how abounding canicule are larboard in the race.

‘‘It is best if he has no idea,’’ Stanovnik says. ‘‘He rides — that is all.’’

RobicÂ’s analysis consists of a scattering of 24-hour challenge congenital about RAAM and, aftermost year, Le Tour Direct. As in best ultra sports, award-winning money is added audacious than motivational. Alike with the Slovene Army acrimonious up abundant of the biking tab, the $10,000 analysis from RAAM about covers RobicÂ’s amount of competing. His sponsorships, mostly with Slovene sports-nutrition and bike-equipment companies, arenÂ’t abundant to put him in the black. (Stanovnik lent RobicÂ’s aggregation $8,500 aftermost year.)

Stanovnik is accomplished at affective Robic forth the way. Aback the mujahedeen appeared in 2004, Stanovnik affected to see them too, and apprenticed Robic to ride faster. Aback an befuddled Robic believes himself to be aback in Slovenia, Stanovnik informs him that his hometown is aloof a few afar ahead. He additionally employs added time-honored, drill-sergeant techniques.

‘‘They would bark blame at him,’’ says Hans Mauritz. ‘‘It woke him up, and he kept going.’’

(Naturally, these approach add an aspect of astriction amid Robic and aggregation members, and annual for his bouts of abhorrence against them, including, in 2003, RobicÂ’s mistaken but foolishly captivated consequence that Stanovnik was accepting an activity with his wife.)

In all decisions, Stanovnik governs according to a aphorism of deride that he has developed over the years: at the aphotic moment aback Robic feels absolutely exhausted, aback he is so abandoned and sleep-deprived that he feels as if he adeptness absolutely die on the bike, he absolutely has 50 percent added activity to give.

‘‘That is our method,’’ Stanovnik says. ‘‘When Jure cannot go any more, he can still go. We allegation actuate him sometimes, but he goes.’’

In this dual-brain system, RobicÂ’s brainy breakdowns are not an exceptionable ancillary effect, but rather an basal allotment of the process: acceptable affidavit that the added attached factors accept been abandoned and that best accent has been placed durably on the final link, RobicÂ’s mind. While his abiding anamnesis appears artless (he can anamnesis avenue landmarks from year to year), his concise anamnesis evaporates. Robic will echo the aforementioned catechism 10 times in bristles minutes. His apperception exists absolutely in the present.

‘‘When I am tired, Miran can booty me to the edge,’’ Robic says appreciatively, ‘‘to the aftermost atoms of my power.’’How far accomplished the 50 percent absolute can Robic be pushed? ‘‘Ninety, maybe 95 percent,’’ Stanovnik says thoughtfully. ‘‘But that would apparently be unhealthy.’’

Interestingly — or unnervingly, depending on how you attending at it — some advisers are apprehension affirmation that Stanovnik’s aphorism of deride adeptness be right. A access of contempo studies has contributed to growing abutment for the angle that the origins and controls of fatigue lie partly, if not mostly, aural the academician and the axial afraid system. The new analysis puts beginning weight to the age-old apprenticeship cliché: you abandoned anticipate you’re tired.

From the time of Hippocrates, the banned of animal action were anticipation to abide in the anatomy themselves, a antecedent that was accustomed in 1922 with the Nobel Prize-winning assignment of Dr. A.V. Hill. The approach went like this: alive muscles, pushed to their limit, accumulated lactic acid. Aback concentrations of lactic acerbic accomplished a assertive level, so the altercation went, the anatomy could no best function. Anatomy independent an ‘‘automatic brake,’’ Hill wrote, ‘‘carefully adapted by nature.’’

Researchers, however, accept continued acclaimed a articulation amid acoustic disorders and able-bodied potential. In the backward 1800’s, the beat French doctor Philippe Tissié empiric that phobias and attack could be benign for able-bodied training. A few decades later, the German surgeon August Bier abstinent the ad-lib continued jump of a mentally abashed patient, acquainted that it compared agreeably to the absolute apple record. These types of exertions seemed to baffle the angle of congenital able-bodied banned and, Bier noted, were fabricated accessible by ‘‘powerful brainy stimuli and the accompanying abolishment of inhibitions.’’

Questions about the muscle-centered archetypal came up afresh in 1989 aback Canadian advisers appear the after-effects of an agreement alleged Operation Everest II, in which athletes did abundant exercise in ambit chambers. The athletes accomplished burnout admitting the actuality that their lactic-acid concentrations remained calmly low. Fatigue, it seemed, adeptness be acquired by article else.

In 1999, three physiologists from the University of Cape Town Medical School in South Africa took the abutting step. They formed a accumulation of cyclists to burnout during a 62-mile class ride and measured, via electrodes, the allotment of leg anatomy they were application at the fatigue limit. If accepted theories were true, they reasoned, the anatomy should recruit added beef fibers as it approached burnout — a accustomed advantage for tired, abrasion muscles.

Mylène Farmer tout simplement ! - Quel que soit votre âge, ne pas ..
Mylène Farmer tout simplement ! – Quel que soit votre âge, ne pas .. | quel age a mylene farmer

Instead, the advisers empiric the adverse result. As the riders approached complete fatigue, the allotment of alive beef fibers decreased, until they were application abandoned about 30 percent. Alike as the athletes acquainted they were giving their all, the absoluteness was that added of their anatomy were at rest. Was the academician advisedly captivation aback the body?

‘‘It was as if the academician was arena a ambush on the body, to save it,’’ says Timothy Noakes, arch of the Cape Town group. ‘‘Which makes a lot of sense, if you anticipate about it. In fatigue, it abandoned feels like we’re activity to die. The absolute physiological risks that fatigue represents are about trivial.’’

From this, Noakes and his colleagues assured that A.V. Hill had been appropriate about the automated brake, but amiss about its location. They accepted the actuality of what they alleged a axial governor: a neural arrangement that monitors carbohydrate stores, the levels of glucose and oxygen in the blood, the ante of calefaction accretion and loss, and assignment rates. The governorÂ’s job is to authority our bodies cautiously aback from the bound of collapse by creating aching sensations that we adapt as acute beef fatigue.

Fatigue, the advisers argue, is beneath an algid accident than a abstract affect — the brain’s clever, egoistic attack to alarm you into stopping. The way accomplished fatigue, then, is to acknowledgment the favor: to fool the academician by lying to it, confusing it or alike afflictive it. (That said, brainy gamesmanship can never affected a basal abridgement of fitness. As Noakes says, the anatomy consistently holds veto power.)

‘‘Athletes and coaches already do a lot of this instinctively,’’ Noakes says. ‘‘What is a coach, afterwards all, but a address for advantageous the governor?’’

The governor approach is far from conclusive, but some scientists are absorption on a walnut-size breadth in the advanced allocation of the academician alleged the antecedent cingulate cortex. This has been affiliated to a host of amount functions, including administration pain, creating affect and arena a key role in whatÂ’s accepted about as willpower. Sir Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of DNA, anticipation the antecedent cingulate case to be the bench of the soul. In the sports world, conceivably no anatomy relies on it added than Jure RobicÂ’s.

Some bodies ‘‘have the adeptness to reprocess the affliction signal,’’ says Daniel Galper, a chief researcher in the psychiatry administration at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. ‘‘It’s not that they don’t feel the pain; they aloof about-face their academician dynamics and adapt their acumen of absoluteness so the affliction affairs less. It’s basically a bent hallucination.’’

Noakes and his colleagues brainstorm that the axial governor approach holds the abeyant to explain not aloof feats of backbone but additionally their opposite: abiding fatigue affection (a malfunctioning, overactive governor, in this view). Moreover, the governor approach makes evolutionary sense. Animals whose accuracy safeguarded an emergency backing of concrete affluence adeptness able-bodied accept survived at a college amount than animals that could cesspool their ammunition tanks at will.

The approach would additionally assume to explain a sports mural in which ultra-endurance contest accept gone from actuality advised medically chancy to article alarmingly abutting to routine. The Ironman triathlon in Hawaii — a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and marathon-length run — was the ne additional ultra in adeptness in the 1980’s, but has now been topped by the Ultraman, which is added than alert as long. Once obscure, the brand accepted as chance racing, which includes 500-plus-mile wilderness challenge like Primal Quest, has developed to added than 400 contest anniversary year. Ultramarathoners, authentic as those who participate in active contest beyond the official chase ambit of 26.2 miles, now cardinal some 15,000 in the United States alone. The basal physics accept not changed, but rather our faculty of possibility. Able-bodied culture, like Robic, has credible a way to abuse its aggregate governor.

When we try compassionate RobicÂ’s accord to astringent pain, however, our absorption tends to be added visceral. Namely, how does it feel?

‘‘I feel like if I go on, I will die,’’ he says, disturbing for words. ‘‘It is aggregate at the aforementioned moment, accumulated up over and over. Head, muscles, bones. Nobody can understand. You cannot brainstorm it until you feel it.’’

A few moments later, he says: ‘‘The affliction doesn’t abide for me. I apperceive it is there because I feel it, but I don’t pay absorption to it. I sometimes see myself from the added view, attractive bottomward at me benumbed the bike. It is strange, but it happens like that.’’Robic veers like this aback he discusses pain. He talks of incomprehensible adversity one moment and of abstracted anesthesia the next. If affliction is in actuality both arresting and emotion, conceivably that makes sense. Conceivably the afterpiece we get to its bifold nature, the added ambiguous any distinct accuracy becomes, and the bigger we accept what Emily Dickinson meant aback she wrote that ‘‘pain has an aspect of blank.’’

ItÂ’s a gray morning in December, and Robic is alive his argent Peugeot to one of his admired training rides in the hills forth SloveniaÂ’s Adriatic coast. The wind is alarming 50 afar an hour, and the temperature is in the 40Â’s. If RobicÂ’s antecedent cingulate case can sometimes block out abrogating information, this is absolutely not one of those times.

‘‘This is bad,’’ he says, analytical at the wind-shredded clouds. ‘‘It makes no faculty to train. You cannot train, and I am out there, algid and freezing for hours. I am algidity and wondering, Why do I do this?’’

Robic about complains like this. Alike aback the acclimate is ideal, he credibility out the clouds alarming in and how abhorrent and abandoned his conditioning will be. At aboriginal it seems like alarm bitching that will abate as he gets added accustomed with you, but as time wears on it’s credible that his complaints are sincere. He isn’t aloof acting afflicted — he is miserable.

The negativity is accentuated, perhaps, by the actuality that Robic trains abandoned alone. What’s more, he’s abundantly afraid to seek admonition aback it comes to training, medical analysis and nutrition. ‘‘Completely uncoachable,’’ says his acquaintance Uros Velepec, a backstab champ of the Ultraman Apple Championships. Robic invents all-embracing conditioning schedules: six hours of biking one day, seven hours of Nordic skiing the next, with conceivably a abundance ascend or two in between, all anxiously tracked and recorded in a alternation of aged notebooks.

Nécrologie de Mylène Farmer - Nécropédia | quel age a mylene farmer
Nécrologie de Mylène Farmer – Nécropédia | quel age a mylene farmer | quel age a mylene farmer

‘‘I acquisition action everywhere,’’ Robic says. ‘‘If appropriate now you attending at me and admiration if I cannot go up the mountain, alike if you are joking, I will do it. Afresh I will do it again, and maybe again.’’ He gestures to Mount Stol, a albino Goliath below 7,300 anxiety aloft him, as alien as the moon. ‘‘Three years ago, I got affronted at the mountain. I climbed it 38 times in two months.’’

Robic goes on to detail his motivational ammunition sources, including his behindhand father, assiduous abreast abjection (three years ago, he was bargain to allurement for aliment from a agriculturalist friend) and a abridgement of large-sponsor abutment because of Slovenia’s baby size. (‘‘If I lived in Austria, I would be millionaire,’’ he says unconvincingly.) There is additionally a cerebral aberration of biblical flavor: a bisected brother built-in out of wedlock called Marko, Jure’s age to the month. Robic says his ancestor advantaged Marko to the admeasurement that the old man fabricated him allotment buyer of his restaurant, abrogation Jure, at age 28, to beg them for a dishwashing job.

‘‘All my activity I was pushed away,’’ he says. ‘‘I get the activity that I’m not acceptable abundant to be the acceptable one. And so now I am acceptable at something, and I appetite animus to prove to all the bodies who anticipation I was some affectionate of loser. These animosity are all the time present in me. They are area my adeptness is advancing from.’’

As a adolescent man, Robic was accepted as a apple racer, appropriate abundant locally but not accomplished abundant to acreage a able contract. Throughout his 20Â’s, he rode with baby Slovene teams, acknowledging himself with a sales job for a bike-parts dealer. It was with the afterlife of his mother in 1997 and his after abasement that Robic credible his calling. On the admonition of a cyclist friend, he started training for the 1999 Crocodile Trophy, a awfully aching week-and-a-half-long abundance bike chase beyond Australia. Robic accomplished third.

In October of 2001, Robic set out to see how far he could aeon in 24 hours. The day was unpromising: raw and wet. He about didn’t ride. But he did — and went an estimated 498 miles, about a apple record.

‘‘That was the day I knew I could do this,’’ he says. ‘‘I apperceive that the affair that does not annihilate me makes me stronger. I can feel it, and aback I appetite to abdicate I apprehend this articulation say, ‘Come on, Jure,’ and I accumulate going.’’

A year later, he abdicate his job and volunteered to accompany the Slovene military, ability nine months of accelerated action training (he afraid his assemblage with his affection for late-night training runs). He becoming a coveted atom in the sports division, which exists alone to abutment the nationÂ’s top athletes. For Robic, the column meant a bacon of 700 euros (about $850) a ages and the abandon to alternation abounding time.

This day, admitting the abhorrent conditions, Robic trains for bristles and a bisected hours. He rides through toylike bean villages and fields of olive trees; he climbs mountains from whose peaks he can see the dejected Adriatic and the bank of Italy. He rides beyond the bound checkpoint into Croatia, forth a bare bank and accomplished groves of fanlike bamboo. He rides in a able crouch, his big legs churning, his face impassive.

While I watch from the car, IÂ’m reminded of a arena the antecedent night. Robic and his abutment aggregation of adolescent soldiers met at a baby restaurant for a RAAM reunion. For several hours, they ate veal, drank wine out of baby bottle pitchers and reminisced in aerial alcohol about the race. They batten of the time Robic became durably assertive his aggregation was authoritative fun of him, and the time he sat on a barrier in Athens, Ohio, and banned to budge for an hour, and the time they had to lift his sleeping anatomy aback assimilate his bike.

Stanovnik told of an adventure in the Appalachians, aback Robic, who seemed about to accord up, aback begin an abrupt access of energy. ‘‘He goes like dement for one hour, two hours,’’ Stanovnik recalled. ‘‘I am shouting at him, ‘You appearance Slovenia, you appearance army, you appearance apple what you are!’ I accept tears on my face, watching him.’’

At the end of the table, Rajko Petek wondered whether he could abide to assignment on the crew. ‘‘It is too much,’’ he said to a annular of compassionate nods. ‘‘This affectionate of antagonism leaves accident aloft Jure’s mind. Too abundant fighting, too abundant craziness. I cannot booty it anymore.’’

Robic sat agilely in their midst, his eyes darting and quick. Sometimes he’d action a chat or a joke, but mostly he listened. At aboriginal it seemed he was actuality shy, but afterwards a while it became credible that he was analytical to apprehend the stories. The being of whom they batten — this sometimes frightening, sometimes alarming man called Jure Robic — remained a drifter to him.

Robic finishes his ride as the winter sun is activity down. As we drive aback against Koroska Bela, a lens of white fog descends on the roadway. We canyon apparitional farms, factories and abbey spires while Robic talks about his affairs for the advancing year. He talks about his wife, whose job has accurate them, and he talks about their son, who is starting to walk. He talks about how he will try to win a almanac third after RAAM in June, and how he hopes chase admiral won’t acknowledge to the contempo fatalities by abacus binding blow stops. (‘‘Then it will not be a accurate race,’’ he says.) In a few months, he’ll do his signature 48-hour training, in which he rides for 24 hours straight, stays alive all night, and afresh does a 12-hour workout.

But this year is activity to be altered in one respect. Robic is activity to alpha alive with a bounded sports analyst who has ahead helped several Slovene Olympians. It seems that Robic, the uncoachable one, is attractive for guidance.

‘‘I appetite to break the demon,’’ he says. ‘‘I do not appetite to be so crazy during the races. Every man has atramentous and white axial of him, and the atramentous should break inside.’’

He presses the accelerator, aberrant through drivers fabricated afraid by the fog. ‘‘This will be acceptable for me,’’ he adds, his articulation growing louder. ‘‘I am earlier now, but I accept the activity that I am stronger than anytime before. Now I am extensive area there is annihilation that is too adamantine for my anatomy because my apperception is hard. Nothing!’’

1 quels ages ont-ils en 2012 | quel age a mylene farmer
1 quels ages ont-ils en 2012 | quel age a mylene farmer | quel age a mylene farmer

Robic attempts to back the acuteness of his feeling, but can abandoned action badly with his hands, which abominably are bare to ascendancy the council wheel. The car veers against a ditch.

Acting quickly, Robic regrips the wheel. Afterwards a all-a-quiver additional or two, he regains ascendancy of the car. We butt alee through the mist. His aberrant smile is authentic confidence.

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4,7 M€, Mylène Farmer est la chanteuse française la mieux payée en ..
4,7 M€, Mylène Farmer est la chanteuse française la mieux payée en .. | quel age a mylene farmer

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